Aspirations & Gems of St. Euphrasia

Aspirations of Saint Euphrasia

1.       My good Jesus, do in me anything as you please.

2.       Loving Saviour, you obeyed the Eternal Father unto death on the cross. Give me the grace to suffer and die for you.

3.       My Holy Redeemer, whenever you are rejected in human hearts, come and dwell in my heart.

4.       O! My loving Lord, when can I see that Holy Face more shining than the sun and those most beautiful eyes setting the heart ablaze with love by a single glance!

5.       My Redeemer, give me also a share of your Passion.

6.       God our Father, I offer you the precious blood of Jesus your son for the salvation of mankind.

7.       My Jesus! Give me a heart burning with love for you.

8.       My Divine Jesus, accept my little sufferings also along with your Passion for the salvation of souls.

9.       I praise and glorify the Mother of God, Immaculate Virgin Mary as the Queen of the three worlds.

10.     My Mother, remember that I am your daughter and protect me always. Kindly rectify my mistakes.

11.     My Divine Saviour, may your holy will be always fulfilled in me!

12.     Eternal Father, for the sake of the Holy Name of Jesus, call me soon to live with you forever.

13.     O! Holy Trinity, my soul is always thirsting with desire to see and enjoy you in heaven with all the saints in heaven.

14.     Mother of Mercy, offer to the most Holy Father, the holy blood that Jesus your only Son shed for me a sinner, cleanse me from the debts of life      and obtain for me the gift of heaven.

15.     Eternal Father, I offer you the immaculate perfection of the holy Virgin Mary.

16.     Queen of Heaven, do not forsake me until I come and join you in heaven.

17.     Jesus, most worthy of love, most sweet Jesus, lonely Jesus, let my heart be a lamp burning brightly for you.

18.     O! Heaven, the abode of God, I sigh looking at you!

19.     Blessed be the holy Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God, most Blessed Virgin Mary!

20.     Eternal Father, I offer you myself as a holocaust of love in order that your holy will and desire be perfectly fulfilled in all things.

21.     My God! I ask forgiveness in the name of those who do not believe and trust in you.

22.     My Lord, show me your Holy Face. Then I shall be saved.

23.     In the Cross in my only salvation.

24.     By the use of this holy water, holy Mother, wash me with the holy blood of your Holy Son, bind the machinations of the devil and give me your blessings.

25.     My God! Fulfil in me your holy will perfectly till death.

26.     Blessed be the Passion and Crucifixion of our Lord!

27.     Blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary at midnight in Bethlehem in piercing cold.

28.     O! My God, whom my eyes long to see, most beloved one, deliver me from the bondages of the body in order to see you soon.

29.     O! Lily Flower, Spouse of Virgins, the joy of my heart, come and rest in me.

30.     My Jesus! My Holy Mother, you protect my soul, body and chastity.

31.     Holy Mother, give me a big heart, that I may love Jesus in every way.

32.     My Mother, teach me to love Jesus.

Gems of Saint Euphrasia’s Thoughts

1.       My only solace is to be with my Jesus.

2.       My joy is in leading a hidden life unknown to others.

3.       There is great joy in my heart, when anything happens against my own will.

4.       God has called me not to live a good life, but to live a most virtuous life like that of a saint.

5.       The day without suffering for our Lord seems as nothing.

6.       My good Jesus, whatever you do, I will not be separated from you.

7.       He only gives consolation and takes it away. May His holy name be praised!

8.       As People come to know me, I become having nothing.

9.       What fortune is there, more than suffering for the Lord!

10.     O! My Holy Redeemer, your will is enough for me.

11.     Before my superiors, celestial visions and commands are as insignificant as wind to me.

12.     Don’t give up your obligatory acts hearing people’s words.

13.     Rejoice gladly in the love of God, be consoled; all is there.

14.     After God, my hope and consolation is Holy Mother.

15.     I don’t mind if people or superiors hate me. It is enough if I don’t offend God.

16.     The only consolation to my heart is to gaze at the Crucified Lord and the Holy Mother, pray and shed tears.

17.     Through the virtue of humility, we can ascend to heaven, wherefrom through pride the devils descended.

18.     The day without meditation is like nothing done.

19.     Only if we participate in the Lord’s suffering, we have a share in His love.

20.     The strength to endure and suffer, I receive from Holy Communion.

21.     When I remember the Passion of the Lord and my health, I get a desire to lash and wound my body with something sharp.

22.     When will I be able to live with my Mother, the Virgin Mary!

23.     I love my God and I always desire that all love Him.

24.     There is great joy and contentment in my heart to do things under obedience.

25.     I am ready to endure any affliction or suffering for the sake of my loving Saviour.