13 Feb. 1866   The foundation of the first indigenous Religious Community of religious in Kerala by Bl. Chavara Kuriakose Elias with the co-operation of Rev.Fr. Leopold Beccaro OCD – Congregation of Mother of Carmel – in Koonammavu.

2 Jun. 1868 The starting of the Boarding attached to the Carmelite Convent.

3 Jan. 1871 The demise of Bl. Chavara Kuriakose Elias.

17 Oct. 1877 The birth of Rosa (Blessed Euphrasia). Parents Eluvathingal Cherpukaran Antony and Kunjethy.

25 Oct. 1877 Baptism in the church of Holy Mother of Carmel,Edathuruthy. Name given Rosa.

3 July 1888 Rosa in Koonammavu Boarding with a desire to become a religious.

24 Oct. 1888 Returning from home to the Boarding after completing a course of medical treatment.

4 July 1889 Coming back again from home to the Boarding after regaining her health.

17 Sept. 1889 The vision of the Holy Family and the miraculous healing.

15 Aug. 1890 Jesus for the first time puts a ring on her finger at Koonammavu Boarding.

17 Aug. 1890 The division of the Koonammavu community according to Latin and Syrian Rites.

15 Jan. 1897 Aspirant (Koonammavu Convent Chronicle)

9 May 1897 From Koonammavu boarding to the newly started Ambazhakad Convent along with the sisters and aspirants.

10 May 1897 Receiving the headdress and the religious name, Euphrasia of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

10 Jan. 1898 Receiving the religious habit from Bp. John Menachery, the first native Bishop of Trichur.

24 May 1900 The Foundation of Ollur St. Mary’s Convent and the Profession of Sr. Euphrasia in the Convent Chapel.

8 May 1902 Transferred to Ambazhakad Convent.

29 Apr. 1904 Comes back to Ollur Convent.

29 Apr. 1904 Asst. Superior in Ollur Convent and In-charge of the to 1910 novices.

1910 – 1913 Officially appointed first Novice Mistress.

1913 The death of her father Anthony.

29 Apr. 1913 to 26 Oct. 1916  In Manalur Convent.

19 Dec. 1919 The demise of Bp. John Menachery.

1923 The death of her mother Kunjethy.

24 May 1925 The Silver Jubilee of Ollur Convent and that of Mother Euphrasia’s religious Profession.

17 Aug. 1928 Transferred to Ambazhakad Convent as Assistant Superior.

29 Mar. 1931 Transferred back to Ollur Convent.

12 May 1942 The demise of Bishop Francis Vazhappilly.

1 May 1944 Consecration of Bishop George Alappatt.

8 Mar. 1948 Death of Mother Euphrasia’s brother Kakku.

24 May 1950 Golden Jubilee of Ollur St. Mary’s Convent and of Mother Euphrasia’s religious Profession.

29 Aug. 1952 Death of Mother Euphrasia.

15 Oct. 1961 The central house shifted from Ollur to Kolazhy,Thrissur.

29 Aug. 1963 Bishop George Alappatt publishes the Prayer for Canonization of Mother Euphrasia.

16 Nov. 1963 Unification of CMC of Ernakulam, Changanasserry, Thrissur, Pala and Kothamangalam.

6 May 1966 The Centenary celebration of CMC

2 Mar. 1967 CMC raised o Pontifical status. Temporary permission for the new Constitution.

18 Feb. 1968 Blessing of CMC Generalate and Juniorate in Aluva by Cardinal Hustanburg.

17 Apr. 1968 The first General Synaxis of CMC

29 July 1969 Inauguration of the Common Juniorate.

29 July 1969 Bishop George Alappatt handed over the letters of Mother Euphrasia in the Bishop’s house to Thrissur CMC Provincial Superior.

16 Aug. 1970 The Consecration of Bishop Joseph Kundukulam.

29 Aug. 1970 The first book on Mother Euphrasia – Kerala Carmela Kusumam by Rev. Fr. Philip OCD is published.

6 Nov. 1973 The demise of Bishop George Alappatt.

17 Oct. 1977 Celebration of Mother Euphrasia’s Birth Centenary in Trichur Province.

6 Feb. 1986 Visitation of Pope John Paul II to Trichur.

8 Feb. 1986 Beatification of the Founder Father Chavara Kuriakose Elias and Sr. Alphonsa in Kottayam.

27 Sept. 1986 Thrissur Nirmala Provincial, Mother Cleopatra began the initial steps for the Canonization of Mother Euphrasia.

26 June 1987 Permission from the Superior General Mother Prima and Councillors to take up the Cause of Mother Euphrasia.

13 Aug. 1987 Permission from Bishop Joseph Kundukulam for taking up the Cause.

15 Aug. 1987 Provincial Superior Mother Cleopatra appointed Rev. Fr. Lucas Vithuvattical Postulator for the Cause of Mother Euphrasia.

17 Aug. 1987 Approval of Bishop Joseph Kundukulam for the appointment of Rev. Fr. Lucas Vithuvattical as Postulator.

18 Aug. 1987 Rev. Fr. Lucas Vithuvattical accepted the appointment.

27 Aug. 1987 Cardinal Lourde Swami visited the tomb of Mother Euphrasia.

29 Aug. 1987 The 35th death anniversary of Mother Euphrasia. Rev. Fr. Lucas Vithuvattical CMI took oath as Postulator in front of Bishop Joseph Kundukulam. Mother Euphrasia becomes Servant of God.

9 Sept. 1987 Sr. Peregrin is appointed Vice-Postulator.

1 June 1988 Approval of the Syro-Malabar Bishops Conference for the Cause.

8 Sept. 1988 Rome approved the decision to start the Canonization Process.

22 Oct. 1988 The Founding of the Diocesan Tribunal under Bishop Joseph Kundukulam, the President, in the Ollur Forane Church.

Tribunal members

Very Rev. Joseph Vilangadan

Judge, Rev. Fr. Antony Anthikadan

Rev. Dr. Andrews Thazhath

Rev. Dr. Jose Irimpan

Rev. Dr. Paul BlaizeKadicheeni CMI

Sr. Santhi CMC

Sr. Anija CMC(7 members)

30 Jan. 1990 The official opening of the Tomb of the Servant of God and the interring of the bodily remains in the new tomb in the Convent Chapel.

19 June 1991 The official closing of the Diocesan Tribunal by Bishop Joseph Kundukulam in Lourdes Cathedral .

20 June 1991 All the records regarding the Servant of God were sent to Rome through the Nuncio.

Jan. 1992 Approval of Rome for the Diocesan Tribunal Acts.

4 Mar. 1992 Sr. Cleopatra too is appointed as Vice-Postulator.

20 Apr. 1994 The POSITIO of the Virtues of the Servant of God is submitted in Rome.

15 Feb. 1997 Trichur Archbishop Joseph Kundukulam retired from official status. Bishop Jacob Thoomkuzhy (the Bishop of Thamarassery) is appointed and consecrated Archbishop of Trichur.

10 May 1997 The Centenary of Mother Euphrasia’s coming to Ambazhakad Convent of Trichur diocese from Koonammavu.

4 Dec. 1997 The miraculous cure of Thomas Tharakan’s bone cancer through the intercession of Mother Euphrasia.

10 Jan. 1998 The Centenary Celebration of Mother Euphrasia’s Vestition.

8 Jan. 1999 Founding of the Apostolic Miracle Tribunal.

10 Jan. 1999 Chain Rosary began in St. Mary’s Convent chapel, Ollur.

12 Feb. 1999 Closing of the Miracle Tribunal.

6 Mar. 1999 Tribunal records submitted in Vatican.

7-21 May 2000 The Centenary celebration programmes of Ollur St. Mary’s Convent and also of Mother Euphrasia’s religious Profession.

24 May 2000 The Centenary day of Ollur St. Mary’s Convent and Mother Euphrasia’s religious Profession.

1 May 2002 Started Perpetual Adoration in Ollur Convent chapel.

3 May 2002 The acceptance of the heroic virtues of Mother Euphrasia by the Theologians in Rome.

5 July 2002 The declaration of Mother Euphrasia ‘Venerable’ by Pope John Paul II.

29 Aug. 2002 Golden Jubilee of the death of Mother Euphrasia.

17 Oct. 2002 The 125th year Jubilee of Mother Euphrasia’s birth.

7 Jan. 2004 The visit of Cardinal Moosa Davud, the Prefect of Oriental Congregation, to the tomb of Mother Euphrasia.

8 Jan. 2004 Visit of Archbishop Pedro Lopes Quintana, Papal Nuncio, to the Tomb of Venerable Euphrasia.

11 Jan. 2004 Visit of C.B.C.I. Bishops to the tomb of Venerable Euphrasia.

10 Mar. 2004 Vice-Postulator Sr. Peregrin’s death.

26 Jan. 2005 Rev. Fr. Lucas Vithuvattical retired from the office of the Postulator.

3 Feb. 2005 In the Medical Consultation in Rome, the miraculous Cancer healing of Thomas Tharakan was approved unanimously as miracle.

20 Sept. 2005 In the Theological Consultation held in Rome also the miracle is approved.

25 Nov. 2005 The appointment of Rev. Fr. George Nedungatt S.J. as Postulator was recognized by Rome.

6 June 2006 The miracle is accepted in the Cardinal’s Consultation too.

26 June 2006 Pope Benedict XVI gave approval to the miracle.

27 June 2006 L’Osservatore Romano published the approval of the miracle.

1 Dec. 2006 The Inauguration of Blessed Euphrasia Museum.

3 Dec. 2006 The Beatification of Venerable Euphrasia in the Ollur Forane Church grounds by Major Archbishop Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil, reading the Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XVI.

20 Dec. 2006 Jewel Jenson’s Thyroglossal Cyst miraculously healed by Bl. Euphrasia’s intercession.

24 Mar. 2007 The appointment of Mother Cleopatra as Postulator by the Superior General, Mother Edward.

29 Aug. 2007 Mother Euphrasia’s first Feast.

10 Apr. 2008 Opening of the Miracle Tribunal by Bishop James Pazhayattil in the Bishop’s House, Irinjalakuda.

21 Apr. 2008 The death of Kunjiporinchu (Kakku’s son), nephew of Blessed Euphrasia.

23 Apr. 2008 The death of Fr. Lucas Vithuvattikkal CMI, former Postulator of Blessed Euphrasia in Mannanam.

29 June 2009 A new convent building is constructed at the back of St. Mary’s Convent, at the instruction of the Superior General, and sisters shifted to the new building while sisters in the direct service of Blessed Euphrasia (centre) stayed back in the old St. Mary’s Convent building.

31 Jan. 2010 The closing of the Diocesan Miracle Tribunal presided over by Bishop Pauly Kannukkaden of Irinjalakuda diocese.

3 Oct. 2010 Vice-Postulator Mother Cleopatra, Sr. Chrisologa and team started the first retreat for sisters – ‘Union with God’ in the Novitiate Hall of Blessed Euphrasia with 33 participants. Following this, every month from Second Sunday to Third Sunday this retreat is conducted here. Bishop Poly Kannukkadan presented the acts of the Tribunal in the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Rome.

25 May 2011 Received from Rome the Validity Decree of the Diocesan Enquiry of the Miracle

22 Oct. 2011 Fr. George Nedungatt SJ retired from his office in Rome and also from Postulatorship.

22 Oct. 2011 Appointment of Fr. Cherian Thunduparambil CMI as Postulator.

4 July 2013 Approval of the Medical Commission - Jewel Jenson’s healing.

17 Dec 2013 Approval of the Theological Commission - Jewel Jenson’s healing.

18 Mar 2014 Approval of the Cardinals Consultation – Jewel Jenson’s healing.

3 April 2014 Pope Francis officially signed on the decree of Canonization

12 June 2014 Declaration of the Date of Canonization

23 Nov 2014  Canonization of Bl. Euphrasia